Every passing day more and more people are going online to find the products and services that they otherwise would have gone to a brick and mortar shop to buy. People get comfort in buying online, sitting at home purchase and get delivered, safe transaction, good online security are some reasons behind this change. This means a huge business potential for online shops & business. Any business missing online existence no doubt is losing opportunities of growth and big chunk of revenues. CreaDev is a kind of company which has established a strong connection in field of designing, developing and online promotion.

So what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization – works based on certain rules and Procedures set by search engines. No one in this world is absolutely sure and perfect so far on these procedures however when you go with following updated Industry recognized procedures and apply them perfectly with content on website, will achieve high organic ranking on targeted keywords.

To put it simply, SEO will help you feature higher in Google search results. You must remember one thing that no one can guarantee 100% results as it is not in anyone’s hand. The rankings are controlled by a set of algorithms designed by Google to produce the best relevant search results so that it is helpful to the end user that is the person searching for answers.

At CreaDev we ensure that we prepare a game plan from on-page to off-page operations of website, so it can relate perfect with keywords or phrases which users are most likely going to use looking for products and services you deal in. Your end users must find your website useful. We are able to deliver such web design which is seo friendly.

So What Do We Do?

Every SEO company has its own unique approach and combination of procedures. Success is with those who follow SEO procedures with latest Updates. At CreaDev we follow all procedures with perfection and drafting a checklist of on page & off page issues. We ensure relating the content with keywords. Remember SEO is all about patience, there is special magic. But yes if procedures are followed perfectly you can expect results quick. Otherwise SEO is a Long term process and if done incorrectly with wrong practices can lead to blacklisting of websites also.

Every website development influences according to header tag, Meta tags, image optimization which can be done by seo which we provided according to keywords.

Can Search Engine Optimization Really Help Me?

Yes, it will help you. Whatever product or services you are selling; there are millions of customers online searching for them every day. Launching business online means that you having a shop open 24×7 even when you are sleeping, there are no physical barriers or boundaries, people across the globe can buy anytime, no currency restrictions, no language barriers etc. This is truly freedom to do business.

SEO Tactics to get the job done

Your website, services, and goals are never identical to other clients, even within the same vertical, so we fully customize our search engine optimization offerings to fit your specific needs and integrate with your processes. Because SEO needs differ, we offer a range of SEO tactics to position your site for success:


  • Keyword Research
  • Content Enhancement
  • Relevant Content Endorsement
  • Global Search Engine Content Service
  • Site Optimization Tag Development
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Guest Blogging
  • Search Leveraged Press Release (SLRP)
  • Social Search Strategy and Optimization Services
  • Cross Channel Marketing
  • And More